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This week has given me a real wake up call from a financial view. I’ve been meaning to do a financial check up for a while now, but have not really made the time and effort. Today I sat down and done some real number crunching. I can just about get by with the money I’m getting in at the moment.

The original plan was to save as much as I could while I’m still working to try some alternative therapies such as one on one sessions of the Alexander Technique, and seeing a naturopath doctor.

Life had a different path for me though.

My employer didn’t pay the correct taxes for me, so I ended up having to fork out nearly a grand in tax. Then my car needed a new exhaust, brake pads, and other bits so that was another huge sum of  cash. Oh and the freeholder of my flat sent me a final warning before court action for the ground rent and services. Thing is, I hadn’t got any of the previous letters. Luckily, I had been putting money for that to the side, but still needed to put a bit more towards it. The freeholder has also informed us of works that will be taking place, so I’m going to have to put something aside for that too. Apart from the ground and services charges for the flat, these expenses came as a complete surprise. I’ve stuck them all on a credit card.

It’s all 0% until September so I’m just going to make the minimum payments on that and put the cash into an ISA. When the 0% is coming to an end, I’ll use the money in the ISA to reduce the balance. That way, I’ll get some interest, and use that too. It won’t be much, but it’ll be something. I actually feel positive in an odd way. If this was a few years back, I’d be completely stuck as I didn’t had a good credit score, so wouldn’t have been able to get the 0% deals that I have now.

Having a look at the ISA table, I’m going to go with  Santander. As I’m a customer, the rate is 3%. I’m going to transfer my grocery and petrol money into another account, so I don’t have to go into my main account at all.

Unfortunately the alternative therapies will have to take a back seat… Again.

The one thing I’m going to keep pressing for is counselling. I feel that would be the most beneficial thing for me right now. I’m going to fund it by selling some of my annual leave back to the company.

So not good news for me to be honest, but I’m happy to say I’m in control of the situation.



I got a letter from Leeds BS to say they have changed their mind about the credit card, and have refused me.

I was baffled, so decided to check my credit report.

It’s a mess!

Here are the main problems:

My address hasn’t been changed on the electoral roll.

I let the council know that I’ve moved, and while they are quick enough to send me a council tax bill, they haven’t changed my details with the credit agencies.

My debt payment has not come off.

They seem to only update in the middle of the month, so it’s still showing that I have a balance and loads of credit, when in actual fact, I only have one card with no balance.

I’ve got loads of searches on there.

I completely forgot that I had applied for a Tesco credit card back in December. Shortly after I applied, I had to move so didn’t complete the application, but it’s still on my credit report.

There is also loads of checks from car insurance companies, but they should be coming off at the end of this month.

There isn’t really much I can do. I’ve phoned the council’s electoral services to change address, and they told me they needed it in writing, so I’ll be posting that today. I’ll have to wait until the credit card companies have updated their details for the debt to come off my report. From the looks of it, that is going to take about 2 months as the balance on the report is 2 months out of date.

I will definitely not apply for anything else until my report has been updated and looks healthy.


While I was in a financial mood, I took a look at how much interest is currently being paid to the savings account linked on to my current account, and it’s 0.01%…Nonsense!

I had a quick look at instant access savings accounts that are paying a decent rate and funnily enough, it was still the company I have my current account with, so I’ve applied for that and will use that in future.

I was still a bit sore today, and so I took some advice from a very good friend of mine and rested today. I was supposed to go to the pool to do my exercises, however I’ll do them tomorrow.

I rested, read a book for my crime reading group by Jeffrey Archer. I’ll write a review on it later in the week.

My Leeds BS credit card came today! I assume the pin will follow and then I can start using it for cashback.  I’ve worked it out and if I use it to for my full £28 a week every week, I’ll earn 56p a month. I know it’s nothing significant, but it’s better than nothing at all.

If I get the Halifax one, it will be £1.12 a month assuming it all goes on food and petrol. Still not much, but much better than the Leeds one.

I’ve been think about other ways I can learn Spanish and went on gumtree and there are tutors there for about £12 an hour. I’d have less hours than the course, but it will be one to one!

Here were the goals I planned for the week. What actually happened is in blue.

Personal finances.

What I’m going to do is live solely off a benefit I receive of £28 a week. This will include all food, petrol etc. I want to start saving aggressively to build back up my emergency fund.

I’m going to start reading the investment books I got out of the library staring with the Alvin Hall book. It’s a little book, so I’ll probably finish it in a day.

I opened an ISA at a great rate this week.

I stayed in budget.

I cancelled the Halifax credit card I had so I’ll be able to re-apply for their cashback card, and found out I was accepted for the Leeds BS cashback credit card.

I read the Alvin Hall book, my review is here. Definitely one I need to add to the collection.

Meal plans

I’m going to use a lot of the leftovers that are in the freezer this week.  I’m probably going to be home alone as my sister usually stays in her friends house over the holiday.

I’m only listing the evening meals, as breakfast and lunch are pretty much the same every day. For brekkie, I usually have fruit and cereal, and for lunch it’s soup with whatever leftover veggies I have. This week it’s going to be broccoli and mushroom soup, and I’ll make a loaf for me to have bread with that.

I did use up some meals from the freezer. It somehow went wrong after the good/bad news on Wednesday. I’ve realised I am quite an emotional eater and Wednesday just picked on the home made bread instead of eating properly. Thursday was spent in the hospital and Friday I had fruit and soup.

Overall Wellbeing plans

Do my stretches everyday upon waking up.

After Tuesday when I done too much, I didn’t sleep properly, so no stretches on done Wednesday, which sent me on a spiral for the week.

Go to the pool to do my hydrotherapy exercises twice this week.

As my sleep pattern was interrupted, I slept through all the adult only sessions at the pool.

Pace myself, don’t try and do too many things in one day.

On Tuesday I walked further than I knew I could manage, and it was bad planning. It started a spiral, it’s just so hard to come to terms with the fact I cannot do normal things.

Work through Career Change for dummies twice this week.

I have finished it. It was a good book, but very American based. I enjoyed working through it though.

Do something everyday in Spanish, even if it just listening to a song.

Well one Tuesday I met with a new intercambio, he’s very intense and I’m not sure I am going to see him often. We didn’t even talk in Spanish!

Use the clay and aspirin facial on my face, it was fab!

I have used this 3 times this week. My face is looking very spotty right now, but I was expecting that. Hopefully by next week it would have cleared all the gunk out and my skin will be looking good.

Reading it through, I think I done better than I thought I had.

I need to not let bad news take me that off track.

I had a heart to heart with a friend, and she told me that it hurts her to see me struggle with things that is obvious I cannot do. She said I need to be easier on myself, allow myself to feel upset instead of pushing myself too hard and to ask for help.

After a lot of thought I agree. I can see why she says that. I get so down on myself sometimes, it’s just hard when you’ve always been independent to suddenly realise that you need people to do what was once a very basic task.

She also said that instead of trying to find a cause for the pain, I need to accept it as just being there and learn to deal with it.

I cannot do that.

I cannot accept that this is it, with no reason. How can that be?

Good News

I’ve been accepted for the cashback credit card I applied for! I’m very pleased with this, however a better cashback card has come on the market from Halifax. I am an existing customer so I rang to ask whether or not I can have the deal and they told me I’d have to cancel and reapply.I queried it further and was told it’s not an actual Halifax product, it’s Bank of Scotland product.

I’ve cancelled the existing card and will apply again in about a months time. Who knows maybe a better deal will come in the meanwhile.

My package has turned up! I’ve got my Dr Bronner’s magic soap now so hopefully my face will clear up soon. I have to say I’m loving the aspirin and clay mix I made up last week. My skin felt lovely for days afterwards. I’ve used the clay and my face has broken out, but it does say that it will draw everything to the surface and so it will look worse before it looks better, I can handle that.

Bad News

I went to my doctor to get the results of my blood tests and they were all normal. Why does it sound like bad news? It means I still don’t know what’s wrong. I cannot handle not knowing what’s wrong. He done some tests, moving me about and ended up in bed all day as it left me hurting and a pounding headache.

It’s getting me so down. My doctor has suggested counselling. I dunno.

*deep sigh*

I was so down today, I cried myself to sleep when I got in from the doctors. I was so tired as I didn’t sleep last night worrying about those test results.

I think bed is the best place for me right now.