Slow and Steady

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I can’t believe that I’ve not written on here since February. Lots and lots have happened, but I’m going to stick with the present right now.

I’ve just come back from a spa break. It was lovely and relaxing, and it gave me a lot of time to think. I realised that I’m not being totally honest with myself.

How? Well food for a start. I like to say I’m trying the best I can, but am I really? At the spa there were no snacks apart from fruit, and you had 3 meals a day. A good portion of that was fruit and vegetables. For example we had peach cheesecake one night as dessert, and instead of the peach being on top of it, it was mixed in so it was quite healthy.

At home, I haven’t been doing that well. Instead of trying to inspire my family to eat better, I’ve been like them, snacking when I’m peckish on the crisps and biscuits instead of waiting until I’m hungry and eating a proper meal.

I’ve also realised that stairs are something that I really find difficult. I found that I was moving a lot better at the spa, I thought it was because I was in such a relaxing place, and while that probably was a factor, when I had to climb stairs I realised how much it hurts.

I really want to move back into my home, so I’ve made an appointment with the welfare advisor to see if there is any way I can do it.

I’ve come back, positive, and so far, have cut out the snacking, and have made an effort to have some fruit or veg with each meal.



Mince stew with rice or in a patty.

I’ve taken a pack of mince and have managed to make it into a huge pot of food by adding some lentils, black beans and carrots.


Leftover surprise.

I have a container in the freezer that has cous cous and something else which I’m not entirely sure of.


Veggie Day.

I’m thinking of using up the pumpkin soup I have in the freezer… A quick side note, you don’t have to defrost soup before use. You can just put it in a pot and leave it to heat up… Anyway I’m thinking soup with some stirfried veggies and a bit of noodles.


Chicken a la Forum

On one of the forums I’m on, there is a ‘try a new recipe a week thread’. This week is paprika chicken so I’ve decided to try it out with roasted potatoes.


Fish Day

Pilchards and pasta


Quiche (1 of the three I bought for 10p!) and vegetables.


Parsnip roulade from freezer.

It feels nice to be  in control again. I’m trying to use all the leftovers in the freezer so I can organise it properly.

Today I tried to do some of the Walk Away the Pounds DVD I have. I only managed to do the warm up that was around 4 minutes and then I did my stretches afterwards.

It was a lot harder than the ‘walking’ (marching on the spot) that I was doing myself. I was surprised by that because I was moving to songs with a high tempo. Anyway I’m going to continue to do the warm up for the rest of the week and next week, I’ll attempt to add 5 minutes on to it.


3 portions of fruit. I usually have 2 but as I’m having a late lunch today, I don’t want to get to the restaurant really hungry.


I had 2 handfuls of seeds and a handful of pretzel sticks


A mutual friend  informed me that there is a surprise party for the friend who I’m going out to lunch with. That means there will probably be snacks so I decided to have something light in the restaurant as I know I’ll probably snack on some bits and pieces later.

I  chose a Greek salad with added chicken breast, and a glass of pinot grigo. I had a very interesting conversation with someon at the lunch who has lost 3 stone by doing Paul McKenna I can make you thin CD. I think I may try it and see how it works for me. Apparently, what spurred her into trying it was seeing a show with a woman in a wheelchair who cannot do any physical exercise, lose a lot of weight through doing the programme.

My friends were pushing me to get dessert, and there really wasn’t anything I wanted, but they kept on so I ended up getting a Baileys hot chocolate.


Was all a bit of a mish mash.It was actually a lot more substantial than I thought it would be. It was a full on BBQ!


I had a bit of Jalepeno Sausage.

A plain burger off the BBQ, and a chicken leg with roasted veggies. I took another chicken leg but had 2 bites and put it down. It didn’t taste right. I’ve learnt the hard way to not keep eating just to be polite if your taste buds are warning you not to eat something!

There was also birthday cake to eat, but I’m not really a chocolate person and left half of it.

I had a lot to drink today. I was in pain after leaving the restaurant and had to go to the bathroom twice to cry because I was in pain. I’m fed up of missing out, and even if I went to lay down I’d still be in pain, so what’s the point? I ended up drinking a lot of punch and a straight shot of brandy to get me through the evening. I can see how easy it would be for chronic pain sufferers to become alcoholics.


I had intended to treat myself to scrambled egg on toast, but after the weigh in I stuck with 2 portions of melon.


Fridge bottom soup I used the left over pepper, onion, carrots and mushrooms. With a slice of toast.


Greens and mackerel and a slice of toast.

I steamed the greens, tomatoes and spring onions, with the water I washed them with. No oil butter or salt added! The salt came from the smoked mackerel.


I had 3 and then took another 3 a bit later.

I had 2 glasses of wine this size with a friend.

I also had some of the sorbet I made, the picture was not very clear though.

Tomorrow I am going out for a friends birthday and she has said that she wants to go to a particular place because they have a chocolate dessert she loves. I’m not sure if that means that we’re only going for dessert, or for lunch. I’ve had a look at the menu online and have decided that I’ll have hot chocolate for dessert if it’s only dessert we’re having, and if we’re having lunch, I’ll have feta cheese stuffed peppers which is described on the menu as

Charred red peppers, filled with feta cheese, plum tomato, green beans and roasted butternut squash, served on a bed of tagliatelle, tossed in pesto.

It sounds lovely, quite healthy, but also a bit naughty with the cheese.

I’m back up to 13 stone 😦

I know that I didn’t eat very well last week. I didn’t make a meal plan, and I didn’t get all the fruit and veg that I usually do because of the market disaster. I also know that I feel quite bloated, but I didn’t expect to have gone up by 3 pounds! I’m not going to dwell on it though, I’m going to just jump straight back into a routine.

I’m making a meal plan this week and take pictures everyday this week. I’ll also make sure that I drink enough water.


2 portions of fruit


Fridge bottom soup (making a soup with the leftover veggies in the bottom of the fridge)

Dinner meal plan


Greens and mackerel


Out for lunch for a friends birthday and fridge bottom soup later if peckish


Snapper and rice


Spaghetti Bolognese


Curried prawns and rice


Beans and sausage stew


Stewed beef with rice and peas and vegetables.




Something with mince. Not sure what yet.

Dessert will be a slice of cake that I have made.

I’m so determined to reach my goal. I saw a picture over the weekend on how I used to look. To be honest I was a bit shocked because I always thought I was ugly and now I look and see a beautiful young woman. I wasted so much time worrying about what others thought, and while I might not get back the body I had then, I’d like to look the best I can be now.

In talking to my sister again this weekend, I can really see that I may eventually give up meat except for really special occasions, or when I can afford to buy a decent cut.

I’m loving the idea of raw foods at the moment, but realise it may be because of the weather. When it started to hailstone this afternoon I did wish I had cooked a potato or 2 with my greens.

I have also decided to test out how far I can go with doing the walk away the pounds exercise tape I have. I was using it when I was recovering from a knee injury in 2007 and trying to get back into exercise. I’m currently now doing about 10 minutes of exercise a day which includes the warm up and the cool down stretches which is another reason I’m so surprised at a 3 pound weigh gain. If anything, I thought that because I had done 2 sessions in the pool last week I would have lost more.

It’s quite gentle, but can get a bit boring. I think I need the structure for a while and then will ‘walk’ on my own to my own music.

I spent most of Friday in bed. I got out to go to the pool and then came straight back into bed. I’ve been having some odd symptoms. I’ve now got pins and needles in my left hand almost constantly, but shows up in different fingers. I’ve also seem to jump involuntarily in my leg or my arm. It fells like when the doctor hits your reflexes with a hammer, I can’t help but jump, and I don’t know when it’s going to happen.

I didn’t cook on Friday as I wasn’t really hungry. I made up a little plate of snacks when I got in from the pool. I had a mango, a cheese and onion marmalade salad sandwich and 2 portions of cake. I am practically out of fresh veg and only have one mango left by this point. I was annoyed because my sister told me that she’d help me go to the market on Friday which she didn’t.

I spent Saturday with my new found nieces and nephews and had a wonderful time. Again I wasn’t really hungry and had 2 portions of mango and a cheese and onion marmalade sandwich made with one slice of bread.

At my sisters I had about 3 tablespoons of rice and peas, and jerk chicken cooked outside on a BBQ, a fried snapper and a little salad. I also had some plantain chips and toffee popcorn.

Today, I had a portion of mango, a handful of salad seeds, and a cheese and onion marmalade sandwich. Again made with one slice of toast. I went to the cinema and had a small box of popcorn.

I got a letter this morning to say I’m now on Employment Support Allowance. Sounds like good news right? NO

I’m not supposed to be on it as I’m getting paid from my employer.  I’ve told them and they are not listening and I can see in a few months, they’ll write to me telling me I’ve made fraudulent claims, and they will stop ALL my benefits while they investigate. I’m really not sure what they need to do to get the system running more efficiently, but they need to do something because this way is simply not working.

I’ve been trying to get through to them for the past 2 days and all I get is a message saying to try later.




A portion of mango


Salad sandwich


2 mushroom, onion and cheese tarts with broccoli. I made enough for two each, but I still haven’t figured my mums oven yet and completely burned 2 of the tart cases. I dished up 1 each but my sister had eaten somewhere else and so I took my other one later.

I attempted to make a coconut version of ‘chocolate cake in a mug’, but I ate half and decided that I didn’t like it.


A slice of bread and butter

Day 25

One of my good friends birthday and she warned me that it was going to be an unhealthy day. She had planned a dinner, and then rang me yesterday to tell me that she was coming for me early so we could have a Champagne brunch.


3 portions of mango.


A huge packet of crisps, some potato wedges and breaded mushroom with a couple of Kir Royales. Apple crumble and ice cream.


I must pat myself on the back here. We went to a Thai restaurant and I didn’t order any of my usual fried starters.

Side of steamed spinach shared with some else as a starter.

Chicken green curry with steamed (not coconut which I usually get) rice.

A cocktail, I can’t remember the ingredients, but it was lovely.