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I’m posting on my lovely new laptop. A proper keyboard, this is true bliss.

I want to say a big thank you to Mark from mcscom. He handled my order with a lot of care, and after the problem I had with the first order, he checked every screen I was interested in until he found a matte one. It’s a refurb, but has a 3 year Dell Warranty, and I cannot see a scratch on it. I much prefer to buy an older product that was highly rated, than a newer product that is cheaply made.

I’m going to spend the evening pimping my laptop!

I’ve taken off all the rubbish that comes preloaded, and downloaded my essential programmes. I have also taken some tips from The Simple Dollar blog and MSE about essential free software.

My Essential Programmes

I downloaded Firefox of course. There is no reason to ever misspell anything with the dictionary plugin and I absolutely love the fab autopager plugin for infinitive scrolling.

When it comes to Anti Virus I’ve never had any problems with Avast, so no need to change a good thing. To clean up all the left over bits of software junk etc, I use CCleaner. It also lets you disable what opens when the computer boots up, so it can run faster.

The next thing I downloaded was VLC. It plays  movies from any region, so I don’t have to bother with wmp at all.

To make minor changes to pictures, reduce red eye etc, I use

Robocom is something I downloaded when I was entering competitions, and it was so handy I’ve kept it on my computer. You can fill in forms with one click.

Recommendations I’m going to try out

Abiword– I don’t have Word, and Microsoft Works is as much use a chocolate teapot. This is supposed to be a good alternative.

Thunderbird– Now I should be really ashamed to admit this, but I have absolutely no idea how to use Outlook. I’ve never worked in an office, and I’ve always used hotmail, gmail etc so thought it unnecessary.  For the little something I’m working on, I need to use it. I thought that as it’s a Mozilla tool, and I can add plugins to it too, I can’t go wrong.

Workrave – It locks the computer down so you can take a break, have a stretch etc. Sometimes I don’t realise how much time I’m wasting browsing for important things online, so this will hopefully keep me focused.

Picard – Now I have a lot of salsa cds made by DJs etc, and when I’ve put them on my hard disk, they are nameless. This piece of software apparently analyses it, and puts a name to it. I’m looking forward to using this.

Media Monkey Now I no longer have an ipod, I’m going to experiment with a different player.

So as you can see I have lots to do!


… Until I never have to use this nonsense that they call a netbook again!

I got an email back from the company that I got the mirror/laptop from. They will refund me the money for my laptop minus postage and some other charge.

As soon I get confirmation that the one I’m buying is a matte screen, I’ll be ordering. I really want that to be tomorrow so it can come on Thursday.

I hate this stupid netbook thing with a passion. I just wrote a long email and with one click it just disappeared. Yahoo mail is in my bad books too as I went straight into the draft folder to try and get a copy of the autosave draft and as I clicked it, it updated to the empty email.

Not impressed.

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My laptop came today. It came in a Dell box, packaged lovely and I was so excited. I don’t think I’ve opened a box that quickly since I was a child.

My sister helped me because the box was heavy. The laptop is very heavy. I was expecting it to be weighty, but not that much. It’s heavier than my previous one, and when I’m in a flare, I could just about manage my old one.

I opened the cover and was faced with a mirror. I switched it on, and felt the disappointment rising as it was booting up. I couldn’t see the screen!

My room is a suntrap, I get the sun all day. The screen is so glossy, that it just reflects the light, making it almost impossible to see the screen. I tried to play with the brightness, move the cover at various angles, and it didn’t really make that much of a difference.

I really thought I ordered a matte screen. On my old laptop, there were days I’d have to fiddle about with it to get the picture right, so I knew that a glossy screen would not work for me.

I emailed the company and asked if I could exchange. I looked through the catalogue and saw the one I was meant to order. I started reading the returns policy, and saw that you can only exchange if it’s faulty. I was really sad, and sent another email to the company begging for an exchange, and even sent a link to this blog. It’s not something I would usually do, but that piece of equipment is so important to me.

I got a email back saying the person who needs to authorise it is not in until Tuesday, but that he doesn’t think there will be a problem.

I’m going to go for the lighter one this time. The green one is just too heavy for me. I just pray that the one I want doesn’t get sold before Tuesday.

If I can change it, I should receive the other one late next week.

The laptop I’ll be exchanging it for is black, one of my favourite colours. Instead of being all technical about it, I should have just picked a colour I liked!  lol

I’ve wrapped up the laptop back up and boxed it  neatly, and have started thinking about how I’m going to get this huge box to the post office.

I looked on MSE and found a link to some cheap parcel delivery websites. I’ve seen some good deals. I hope I get the email before midday then I can use a guaranteed next day delivery service.

Keep all fingers and toes crossed for me please!


I’m so excited!

I really cannot stand my dad’s netbook, it’s so small. I keep pressing the arrow key instead of the shift one and getting my sentences all mixed up. I haven’t been able to watch films on it, and it gets soo hot.

I went with a Dell refurb in the end from They offer a 3 year warranty and the prices were reasonable. I looked around on other sites, but this one had the most comprehensive list of refurbs.

I spent the whole day reading reviews. I couldn’t decide between the Inspiron 1520 or 1525.

The 1525 is thinner and lighter, but I ended up going with the 1520 because it has a dedicated graphics card. As I don’t have a TV, I would like the best screen I can afford, and from the reviews the 1520 is the one for a decent screen.

It’s funny I didn’t realise how much I used my laptop until it was gone. On my flare up days it is my only way to be entertained. I just put a film on, or Sex and the City and lie back in my codeine daze! lol

If needed I can communicate with others and get my house hold chores like banking and internet shopping done all from the comfort of my bed.

I’m so excited about getting my entertainment back. I ordered it too late for delivery tomorrow, but reckon it will be here Thursday.

I’ve decided to take the old one apart and put it back together. I’m really interested in how computers work, so I’ll get a book out of the library and see how I can do that.

Oooh, the cover is bright green. Not a colour I would have chosen to be honest, but it’s still lovely. The car I’m going to test drive tomorrow is green too, I think it’s a sign!