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One of the things about cooking is that you can get stuck into a rut cooking the same things all the time.

This year, I intend to try at least 1 new recipe a week. I will be getting recipes from my cook books, including my home made one, and from a forum that I’m on that is running a similar challenge. So far I have made

Paprika Chicken

Lemon Tart.

I’ll be keeping a record of all the new recipes I try.


Today is day 7 of me  restarting the Paul McKenna weight loss system and it seems to be working a lot better for me this time around. I think the main thing is that I’ve started to listen to the CD in the daytime (thanks hermanita), so instead of falling asleep to it, which actually, PK says in the book you can do, I’m awake and focussed on what I’m doing.

I’ve also been exercising everyday. I’ve felt very motivated, but alas it’s been too much. Today is going to be a bed day because I’ve overdone it. What I think I’m going to do is alternate the exercises so one day will be Walk Away The Pounds and other days will be just stretching,  and maybe some strength work.

I’m hoping to start swimming lessons soon too, the teacher can only do evening classes which was a shame because I wanted to get out of the house in the day, but c’est la vie!


Here is the Chicken recipe I tried yesterday from the forum challenge I spoke about in my meal plan menu

Paprika chicken, healthy recipe, frugal, money savinh

It was really tasty, I enjoyed it, and could finish my dinner, which means I have some left today which is handy because I’m too achy to cook today.

If you look at my meal plan, you’ll say that today was the day I was eating a ‘surprise’ dish. Turns out it was meatballs with cous cous. Really nice it was too. It reminded though that when I was in my own place, I used to use masking tape as food labels for the freezer. I must pick some up the next time I’m out and about which will be never if the snow doesn’t clear!

Yesterday with the mince I made, I decided I wanted them in tortilla wraps instead of rice. I found an easy recipe so decided to try making them. They were dead easy (not in perfect circles though) and so cheap. The flour cost about 7p. The cheapest I’ve seen them for is 78p in Lidl!

Cheap and cheerful tortilla wraps

Here’s the recipe

Makes 8 –

250g plain flour (plus extra for rolling out)
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp olive or sunflower oil
150ml warm water

Sift flour into mixing bowl with salt. Put oil in jug of the warm water then pour liqui over flour stirring well, eventually using your hands. Knead for about 5 mins. Cover dough and let rest for 15 mins.

Divide dough into 8 pieces, and then roll out each into a flat circle (ahem – or whatever shape you can manage!!). Get frying pan really hot (no oil) then turn heat down med-low. Put rolled out flatbread on pan for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Turn over and do other side. easy peasy.

With the mince, I also decided to make some Jamaican patties!

Jamaican patties, cheap and frugal

I’ve still got a load of mince left too! amazing what some beans and carrots can do!


I’m dead impressed with myself, I did walk away the pounds again today. I wanted to increase my walk to 3/4 of a mile, but my back was hurting, especially when I was doing the side steps. I think it may be because I did the exercise in the evening, instead of first thing in the morning, and I was tired from the walking I had done in the day.

My friend locked herself out of her house, and I have the spare keys. Afterwards, I decided to pop in the supermarket and get some essentials and the shelves were practically bare! Both Sainsbury and Lidl had no eggs, I couldn’t believe it.

I didn’t have any eggs in the house and wanted something sweet… OK let me be honest, I wanted to find a way to not rely on eggs as they are really expensive in my opinion.

I saw a dairy free recipe on this blog, and I thought that they looked amazing. I halved the recipe because I only wanted to make six, but it ended up making 12. 6 of my silicone cupcake cakes, and 6 fairy cake size cases.

I didn’t have enough caster sugar, so used brown sugar instead.

They came out lovely. A bit too sweet, which I think was the brown sugar’s fault. I’m going to try them again next week with only caster sugar, and I’m sure they’ll come out lovely. I’m lucky enough to have a jug I bought from the States, so didn’t have to convert the measurements.

Sorry about the awful photo quality.

This week I want to focus on being focussed.

I feel like I’m just wondering aimlessly at the moment. I have lots of ideas, but haven’t sat down and put them to paper. I haven’t read a book for a couple of weeks now, which isn’t like me at all. My concentration is shot to pieces at the moment.

I’m going to set aside an hour a day to read and another hour to write down ideas with possible outlines on how I could get those ideas into fruition.

I’ll set an alarm on my phone so I stop and pick it up.

I find setting an alarm helps me keep to my routine. I did it for my stretches, and am currently doing it for my medication.


I’m quite happy with my progress so far. I’ve been consistent with my walk/step exercises everyday. I’m now up to about 6 minutes everyday. Considering last week was my pmt week, I think I did quite well. I did pick at snacks, but I didn’t eat a whole lot of cheese like I usually do.

Today quite a good day, I got up late so had my fruit and cereal for brunch for brunch and then had a three course meal!

Onion soup

Honey and mint lamb chop with garlic potatoes,  macaroni cheese and vegetables.

Lemon sorbet.

I also had a packet of crisp later in the evening. My mum bought home a selection of cakes from church. I tried a bit off the sweet potato pudding and it was disgusting so I threw it out.

Originally posted as… Take some manky carrots.

Well they do look a bit manky don’t they? My mum wanted me to throw them out, but I decided to see how much things I could do with them.

Carrot cake muffins.

Carrot and Parsnip soup.

Jamaican style with condensed milk, and nutmeg. I left the rum out though!

After those three dishes this is all that is left from the carrots. Good eh? Nope not for me, so I found one more thing to make…

Veggie burgers! I got it from a recipe on the oldstylers board on MSE. Lentils with sage and onion stuffing and the leftover carrot. It was actually really nice. I will admit though I am partial to stuffing and will make it up with no meat around *blush*

On another site I was keeping a photo food diary after reading that it was more effective than keeping a traditional diary. There  is no way for me to import the blogs, so I’m going to post some of the highlights.

Fettucine with Quorn and broccoli in pesto sauce. Was it bad I didn’t tell my family it wasn’t chicken? lol

Rice and peas with stew chicken and veg

Salmon in honey, soy sauce and ginger with lime flavoured rice and veg.

I’m going to start this again on Monday.