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I’ve finally started counselling! I’m so happy because although it’s good to talk to your friends, I feel like a counsellor is seeing me for who I am now, instead of who I used to be. There are also things I just wouldn’t talk to my friends about.

I’m doing CBT this time and it’s very different to the counselling I’ve had before. It’s not just me sitting on a couch talking, it’s very interactive and he challenges me when I say something that sounds too negative. Saying that though, he listens and will accept I have a point. I get set homework some weeks.

It’s made me realise that I’m really not very nice to myself. I kept a thought diary and wow! I would never talk to my friends the way I talk to myself. I’m making a real effort now to be mindful of what I’m thinking.

He pointed out this week that when I’ve slept, I have much more positive attitude to when I don’t.  He said that when I’m tired, I’m really really negative, and so part of my homework for this week is to make 2 different types of sleep routines. One for normal everyday use, and the other for flare ups. After that flare up at work, I came home and slept, then got up in the night until daybreak, and then had to wake up to see him.

After thinking about it I’ve come up with an interesting discovery. For the past few weeks, I’ve not been able to use my laptop because the charger stopped working. I sent it back as it was under warranty, and they apparently sent one out and it didn’t turn up… I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

So the only time I could get online is when I went downstairs, which I don’t tend to do often, and my sister is usually on it anyway. I had a few flare up in that time, and all I could do was take my meds,  read or listen to this hypnosis mp3 I’ve got on my phone. I’d eventually get back to sleep in someway.

For the flare up that happened this week, I took my meds, and then went online. Now I wasn’t doing anything productive at all. Even though I took my meds, I still didn’t fall asleep quickly and I think it’s because I’m up using the computer. So for the next month, I’m going limit my laptop usage and see what difference it makes to my sleep pattern. I haven’t decided on a time yet, I’m going to have a play about and see what is the best for me.

The other part of my homework is to write a little bit each day of how I’m feeling, and how the day went, even if nothing in particular happened. I think I’ll do that, then turn off the lappy and start my evening routine.



My instructor went away for the summer, and I went swimming twice a week for most weeks. She was very impressed with my progress when she came back. I feel a bit looser than before, and flare ups are happening less often which I’m pleased about.

My skin – My acne is definitely stress related. Up until Tuesday, it was clearing up really nicely. When I woke up after my flare up at work, I had a whole new set of spot. *kisses teeth*


Teaching – I was a bit anxious about whether or not it had been worth me doing the teaching course because the awful flare up I had in the last few weeks of the course. I did find some voluntary work teaching English on a 1 to 1 basis. I seem to be the only one on my course that has used the qualification so far. The person I was teaching has gone off to college now, so I have a new person who can’t read at all! I’ve been reading up on teaching reading skills, and I’m excited yet very nervous.


PMT + inconsistent regimen + stress = A very spotty me!

I usually get pmt spots, and this month was slightly less…

Until I used my clay mask.
It brought a whole load of spots up to the surface. I know that is a good thing, but it looks horrible.

The stress of dealing with work and going to Harley St didn’t help. By the time I got home I was shattered and ended up going straight to bed. When I woke up, I didn’t do my regimen completely, and it’s showing on my face.

I haven’t started taking my vitamins again because I want to see if the regimen I’ve planned works without any other factors.


As I posted previously, my skin has been looking bad.

Before the skin update though, I have something very important to declare…

I’ve got my eyebrows threaded!

It makes such a difference, I’m definitely going to stick with my usual threadist instead of splitting hairs over tuppence.


On a hair and beauty forum I frequent, there has been a lot ladies sharing their experience of Erno Laszlo products and the set technique you have to do when using the products.

The comments that caught my attention were the ones that were using their own products, but had incorporated the technique into the regimens. These ladies had read Mary Ann Crenshaw’s  book, which uses a similar technique, but requires products to be a certain PH level.

The technique is very simple;

Fill the basin with comfortably hot water.

Dip your soap in the water and rub all over your face, then massage in until it lathers up.

Splash your face 20 times with the water in the basin.

Empty the sink, and splash a further 10 times with running water.

Use a toner then moisturise.

The ladies who had read the book said Ms Crenshaw states that the toner was very important, and to use diluted Apple Cider Vinegar if need be.

Since I have all the products at home, I thought there was no harm in trying it out.

My regimen

Cleanser- Diluted Tea tree Dr Bronners

Toner- Diluted honegar (ACV and honey premixed)

Moisturiser- Aloe Vera gel and rosehip oil.

It’s hardly even a week, and  the only thing new I’ve done is use ACV as a toner and this technique. My skin is looking great! My pores look tiny and the spots I had are clearing up quite quickly.

I’m going to continue this for a month and see if the results continue.

I really hope that it does, it will be fabulous for something so cheap and cheerful to work.

Good News

I’ve been accepted for the cashback credit card I applied for! I’m very pleased with this, however a better cashback card has come on the market from Halifax. I am an existing customer so I rang to ask whether or not I can have the deal and they told me I’d have to cancel and reapply.I queried it further and was told it’s not an actual Halifax product, it’s Bank of Scotland product.

I’ve cancelled the existing card and will apply again in about a months time. Who knows maybe a better deal will come in the meanwhile.

My package has turned up! I’ve got my Dr Bronner’s magic soap now so hopefully my face will clear up soon. I have to say I’m loving the aspirin and clay mix I made up last week. My skin felt lovely for days afterwards. I’ve used the clay and my face has broken out, but it does say that it will draw everything to the surface and so it will look worse before it looks better, I can handle that.

Bad News

I went to my doctor to get the results of my blood tests and they were all normal. Why does it sound like bad news? It means I still don’t know what’s wrong. I cannot handle not knowing what’s wrong. He done some tests, moving me about and ended up in bed all day as it left me hurting and a pounding headache.

It’s getting me so down. My doctor has suggested counselling. I dunno.

*deep sigh*

I was so down today, I cried myself to sleep when I got in from the doctors. I was so tired as I didn’t sleep last night worrying about those test results.

I think bed is the best place for me right now.

Personal finances.

What I’m going to do is live solely off a benefit I receive of £28 a week. This will include all food, petrol etc. I want to start saving aggressively to build back up my emergency fund.

I’m going to start reading the investment books I got out of the library staring with the Alvin Hall book. It’s a little book, so I’ll probably finish it in a day.

Meal plans

I’m going to use a lot of the leftovers that are in the freezer this week.  I’m probably going to be home alone as my sister usually stays in her friends house over the holiday.

I’m only listing the evening meals, as breakfast and lunch are pretty much the same every day. For brekkie, I usually have fruit and cereal, and for lunch it’s soup with whatever leftover veggies I have. This week it’s going to be broccoli and mushroom soup, and I’ll make a loaf for me to have bread with that.


Macaroni and cheese and broccoli


Sweet peppers stuffed with greens and mackerel with a potato.


Sardines with pasta


A surprise. There is something in the freezer that isn’t labeled, and I’m not sure what it is. I’m going to defrost it and cook accordingly.


If no leftovers from Thursday, cornmeal porridge with crackers


Saturday soup


Rice and peas with stewed beef.

I have frozen berries, apples, mandarins, and pineapple left from last week. That should do me fine until maybe the middle of the week.

The shopping list I’ll need to create this is:

Fruit and Fibre cereal for breakfast.

Wholemeal bread flour for the bread I’ll eat with my lunch.

Crackers for the porridge.

Carrots for the soup on Saturday.

Mushrooms for the stewed beef on Sunday. I’m thinking of buying the frozen ones, as they are easier to use in stews and they’ll be less wastage.

I checked on and Sainsburys has come out the cheapest this week (fruit not included yet) at £3.86. If you haven’t used my supermarket before, take a look, it’s a very handy tool.

Overall Wellbeing plans

Do my stretches everyday upon waking up.

Go to the pool to do my hydrotherapy exercises twice this week.

Pace myself, don’t try and do too many things in one day.

Work through Career Change for dummies twice this week.

Do something everyday in Spanish, even if it just listening to a song.

Use the clay and aspirin facial on my face, it was fab!

I usually use castile soap on my face that I get sent to me by a friend who goes to the States often.

However Royal Mail has lost my bloody package, and the prices over here are really expensive. I decided to wait until my friend is back Stateside next week, and use Dove instead.

My face has exploded with cystic bumps and whiteheads. I’m soooo pissed off. I’ve been taking msm and omega369 not only to help with joint pain, but also because they are good for your skin too.

My meds and the stress I’ve been feeling for the past year has really left my skin looking bad, and I was finally getting making some headway and now it’s not even back to square one… It’s about minus 8. 😦

I feel so ugly right now, not only am I bumpy, but I decided to try a new threadist (50p cheaper than my usual one, every penny counts and all that), and she took off damn near all my eyebrows, and they were uneven! I’m having to grow them back fully before I can get them back in their usual shape.

So I look like a shaggy eyebrowed spotty teenager who can’t even buy alcohol!

I decided to  look around the net for homemade spot remedies and came across the aspirin mask reviews and decided to give it a go. I decided to mix it with some aztec clay, and honegar. In case you’re wondering how on earth I have all this weird and wonderful ingredients on tap, I’m a bit of a kitchen beautician. I make my own body cream, scrubs, and some hair products too.  I like going the natural route where I can.

My spots look less angry and seem to be drying out, and the rest my skin feels so soft! I think I’m going to do this twice a week. The non spotty bits of my face looks poreless and silky smooth, it’s so hard to try and  not touch it.

Fingers crossed my package turns up.