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I’m back up to 13 stone 😦

I know that I didn’t eat very well last week. I didn’t make a meal plan, and I didn’t get all the fruit and veg that I usually do because of the market disaster. I also know that I feel quite bloated, but I didn’t expect to have gone up by 3 pounds! I’m not going to dwell on it though, I’m going to just jump straight back into a routine.

I’m making a meal plan this week and take pictures everyday this week. I’ll also make sure that I drink enough water.


2 portions of fruit


Fridge bottom soup (making a soup with the leftover veggies in the bottom of the fridge)

Dinner meal plan


Greens and mackerel


Out for lunch for a friends birthday and fridge bottom soup later if peckish


Snapper and rice


Spaghetti Bolognese


Curried prawns and rice


Beans and sausage stew


Stewed beef with rice and peas and vegetables.




Something with mince. Not sure what yet.

Dessert will be a slice of cake that I have made.

I’m so determined to reach my goal. I saw a picture over the weekend on how I used to look. To be honest I was a bit shocked because I always thought I was ugly and now I look and see a beautiful young woman. I wasted so much time worrying about what others thought, and while I might not get back the body I had then, I’d like to look the best I can be now.

In talking to my sister again this weekend, I can really see that I may eventually give up meat except for really special occasions, or when I can afford to buy a decent cut.

I’m loving the idea of raw foods at the moment, but realise it may be because of the weather. When it started to hailstone this afternoon I did wish I had cooked a potato or 2 with my greens.

I have also decided to test out how far I can go with doing the walk away the pounds exercise tape I have. I was using it when I was recovering from a knee injury in 2007 and trying to get back into exercise. I’m currently now doing about 10 minutes of exercise a day which includes the warm up and the cool down stretches which is another reason I’m so surprised at a 3 pound weigh gain. If anything, I thought that because I had done 2 sessions in the pool last week I would have lost more.

It’s quite gentle, but can get a bit boring. I think I need the structure for a while and then will ‘walk’ on my own to my own music.


I went to Lidl today to see how much of my shopping I could get there. I was surprised at the lack of  frozen vegetables. They didn’t have any frozen sweetcorn, I found that really odd!

I managed to get most things from there, what I didn’t get was the pasta, brown bread flour (they only had white) and sugar. The pasta and sugar are on special offer in Asda which is why Lidl didn’t beat it. The brown bread flour was more per kilo in Lidl.

I bought mackerel fillets with peppercorns, plain and self raising flour, olive oil, salad seed mix (pumpkin, sunflower and pine nuts), and 2 mangoes (I had no fruit for tomorrow morning). The price was £7.22. The same trolley in Asda would have been £10.45. A big difference eh?!

I’m going to the market in the morning, I have written the prices of Lidl’s produce down to see if it really is cheaper in the market.


I weighed myself and the machine kept changing from 13 stone to 12.13. It eventually settled on 13 stone. That is 2 pounds heavier than what I weighed last week, but I was a bit sceptical about losing 5 pounds in one week. I’m happy with a 3 pound loss over 2 weeks. I was only expecting a pound a week anyway.

It’s that time of the month and I find because my stomach hurts I’m not really very hungry.


Apple and orange. No cereal today was not in the mood for it.


Beef stir-fry with noodles. I only used 100g of beef for this dish. It’s what was left over from a meal I made a week or so ago. I bulked it out with vegetables and used Asda’s own hoisin stir-fry sauce. It was nice, but it tasted more like sweet and sour than hoisin.

I had a slice of cake that my mum bought home from church yesterday. It was very crumbly and I ended up having to eat it with a spoon! I also had crackers as I was craving for something savory. I had them plain  as you see in the picture.

Later on in the evening I had 6 ritz crackers. I had an odd reaction to my last set of meds. I was trembling all over, and my stomach felt funny. I thought that plain crackers would calm it down.

While I was downstairs, I saw that the stir-fry I left in the wok had been partially touched, but enough was left in the wok for it not to be washed out. Funny that.

The friend who is taking me to the market tomorrow has suggested we have a picnic afterwards if the weather is nice. Now this friend is a trained chef, and always has a fridge and freezer full of food. The last time we had a picnic there were 2 picnic baskets and a cool bag for the drinks… There was only 4 of us!

She said that she has a bottle of wine chilling, which means she is going to be packing an extensive basket.  I’m going to do tomorrow is have breakfast, eat with her and if I feel peckish later on in the evening, I’ll have some soup.

I’ve just come back from the pharmacy, and to be honest I’m a bit bemused.
I weighed in today at 12.12. Last week I was 13.03, so that’s 5 pounds in a week!

My jeans don’t feel significantly looser though, it’s all very odd.

I went to weigh myself at my local pharmacy today, turns out that my measuring tape has been packed away so weighing myself is my only option.

I wore a vest with lightweight jogging bottoms. I weighed 13.03 stones. When I done weight watchers ages ago, the weight I got to that I liked was 10.08 stones. That means I have a lot of weight to lose, but I’m going to break it down into half stone goals so it doesn’t feel as daunting.


2 portions of fruit (apple and pineapple), 40g of fruit and fibre and  a splash of milk (skimmed, made up from powdered)


Two veggie burgers. I’m not sure what the brand is, but there were definitely veggies in there I could identify, so I’m going to class that as one portion of vegetables.


Pot roasted beef with broccoli, roasted pumpkin, roasted dasheen and 2 Yorkshire puddings. I actually weighed out the beef. A portion for an adult is 140g. It was a lot more than I expected a portion to be.


Dessert? Anyone who knows me is probably scratching their head and wondering if I’ve gone crazy. I’m known for not having a sweet tooth. Give me cheese over chocolate anyday!

I find myself craving sweet things for a while now. It’s definitely emotional, every time I go to my counsellors I stop off at a sweet shop and buy some parma violets and milky mice before I get there. Rather than deny it and then pigging out, I’m going to give myself a chance to have something sweet once a day. If I don’t have it great, if I do then at least it’s been planned and not too unhealthy.

Today I made rice pudding with leftover brown rice, nutmeg, powdered milk, and a tablespoon of condensed milk.

I had 4 tablespoons for dessert. it was really yummy.

I’m house sitting for a friend tonight and she’s told me there’s food in the house. To be on the safe side I’m going to bring my breakfast and a tin of sardines to make my dinner tomorrow.