Slow and Steady

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As I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to be using the Paul McKenna I can make you thin system to lose weight.

The first rule, the one I’m focusing on this week is: Eat when you’re hungry. I know it sounds like a no brainer, but when was the last time you were actually hungry?

In the book Mr McKenna suggests checking in with yourself to see if you’re hungry every hour using a scale of 1-10. The goal is to not to get to either extremes. He goes on to say that if you are not sure whether or not you’re hungry, have a glass of water, and describes hunger as a slow build up as opposed to a sudden craving.

Now that I’m listening to my body, I’m only beginning to feel peckish about 3 hours after being up.

I usually would have had breakfast in the first hour of being awake, and would have started thinking about lunch because of the time, and not because I was actually hungry.

I find it amazing how out of tune I am with my body, and am looking forward to being reconnected with myself again.