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I’m so excited!

I really cannot stand my dad’s netbook, it’s so small. I keep pressing the arrow key instead of the shift one and getting my sentences all mixed up. I haven’t been able to watch films on it, and it gets soo hot.

I went with a Dell refurb in the end from They offer a 3 year warranty and the prices were reasonable. I looked around on other sites, but this one had the most comprehensive list of refurbs.

I spent the whole day reading reviews. I couldn’t decide between the Inspiron 1520 or 1525.

The 1525 is thinner and lighter, but I ended up going with the 1520 because it has a dedicated graphics card. As I don’t have a TV, I would like the best screen I can afford, and from the reviews the 1520 is the one for a decent screen.

It’s funny I didn’t realise how much I used my laptop until it was gone. On my flare up days it is my only way to be entertained. I just put a film on, or Sex and the City and lie back in my codeine daze! lol

If needed I can communicate with others and get my house hold chores like banking and internet shopping done all from the comfort of my bed.

I’m so excited about getting my entertainment back. I ordered it too late for delivery tomorrow, but reckon it will be here Thursday.

I’ve decided to take the old one apart and put it back together. I’m really interested in how computers work, so I’ll get a book out of the library and see how I can do that.

Oooh, the cover is bright green. Not a colour I would have chosen to be honest, but it’s still lovely. The car I’m going to test drive tomorrow is green too, I think it’s a sign!