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I think it’s been pretty good going, 2 years not working, and have managed to keep myself out of the red, but yesterday that all changed. I knew it would, which is why I took out the credit card that I keep hidden away.

My car was due for both a service and MOT. There were a few things wrong and the bill ended up being nearly £450. AND… The exhaust has a slight leak and the cost of that will be over a £1000 when it needs doing.

My friend has said I’ll be able to pick up a 2nd hand one somewhere, however I’m still waiting for a parcel shelf he said would be easy to pick up too. I’m slightly pissed off, but I knew it was coming. I just didn’t expect it to be that much.

What makes me smile is how much I’ve changed over the years, because the old me would have said ‘let me just go and stay in an hotel to get away, have a massage and get a pedi, or buy new shoes (especially now its the last week of the Harrod’s sale), as I’m in debt already’.

No, the current me will go on being frugal, and as money saving as possible. I refuse to use my swimming lesson money on this. I know how odd that sounds, but I need those, and it was a present. All the money I get from surveys, anything left from my weekly budget and anything I sell on ebay will go towards the paying off that card.


Monday 8th June – GTM: 35 points, Lightspeed:Not eligible, Valued Opinions: Not eligible, Pinecone: £3

Tuesday 9th June – Lightspeed: 110 points, Valued opinions, £1.50

Wednesday 10th June – I got a cheque from Global Test Market! Now it’s come, I will add it to the recommended list. Lightspeed: 50 points

Thursday 11th June – Valued Opinions: Go all he way to he end and got an error message! grr

Friday 12th June – GlobalTest Market: 40points, IPSOS 10 points

Saturday 13th June – GTB: Completed some, not sure how many points award

Sunday 14 June – Lightspeed: Not eligible


Monday – Valued opinions: Not eligible

Tuesday – Valued Opinions: Not eligible, Home of research: Not eligible

Wednesday – Lightspeed: 10 points, Ipsos, 1o points

Thursday – Global Test Market: 35 points, Ipsos: 10 points, Valued opinions: Not eligible, Lightspeed: 10 points

Saturday – Valued opinions: Not eligible, Lightspeed: 50 points


I’ve been lax with these. I have had a lot of Global test market surveys through, but never complete them to the end.You get points even if you answer one question though, but I cannot record it as I don’t know how much 1 question is worth.

Monday 18th May- IPSOS: 125 points, Lightspeed: Not eligible, Valued Opinions: Not eligible

Wednesday 20th May – IPSOS: didn’t tell me how many points the survey was worth. Lightspeed: Not eligible

Sunday 24th May – IPSOS: 10 points

Tuesday 26th May – Lightspeed: 80 points, valued opinions: not eligible

Friday 29th May – Lightspeed: 110 points, Ipsos: 10 points, Home of research: 100 points


Monday 11th May – Ipsos : 10 points

Tuesday 12th May – Lightspeed: 110 points, Pinecone: £3

Friday -Valued Opinions 75p


£23.86 on groceries and emergency wine and cake that my friend needed having a huge bust up with her other half.

Tuesday 5th May- Valued Opinions: Not eligible.

Wednesday 6th May- Lightspeed: 80 points

Thursday 7th May- GlobalTestMarket: Not sure as the points were unclear.

Friday 8th May- Lightspeed: 50 points

Saturday 9th May – Home Of Research 120 points

Sunday 10th May- Valued opinions: £1, Valued Opinions: Not eligible


I spent £30.32 this week on groceries, medication, pool fees,  and petrol.

27th April- Ipsos: 250 points, Valued Opinion £1

28th April-Home of Research: Not eligible

29th April- Lightspeed: 80 points

30th April- Lightspeed: Not eligible

1st May- Pinecone: £3, Valued Opinions: Not eligible, Home Of Research & Lightspeed: Not eligible

I had a surprise this week. A company I had been doing surveys for, GlobalTestMarket, sent me an email. I had comepletely forgotten about this one. I check my account and have $50 there waiting for me. I’ve never tried to redeem from them before, so am going to try and see if it really turns up. If it does, then I shall look into being affiliated with it and refer people to the program.


This week I spent a whopping £112.64! I’ve found a fab tool online that can help you keep track.

The spending diary