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I’m going out over the weekend and making the preparations for it made me realise how my life has changed. I haven’t gone out to buy a new dress, and am not worrying about accessories or whether the club has decent champagne. (I’m a Bollinger girl lol)

I had to phone the club to find out if the road it’s on is a red route area, or double yellow lines. If it’s the latter then I can use my blue badge to park there. I had to find out if were stairs and if so how many and whether I need to use stairs to go to the bathroom. Then there’s the other important question, are there seats?
In this particular place yes there is, but not a lot so I’ve spoken to the promoter to find out if I could reserve seats.
As it’s not guaranteed, it means I’ll have to get there a lot earlier than I would usually so I can be sure I have a seat.

Every so often something like this makes me just sit back and realise how much I took for granted and how my life has changed.


WL diary Day 5

After yesterday, I decided to take things easy today. I got up late, so breakfast was about about 12pm. I did my stretches and 5 minutes of on the spot walking. I felt really sore today and the groin area on my left hand side was painful. I decided to go to the pool anyway and noticed that the pins and needles I have when I wake up in my left hand was still there. As I type it is still there. It doesn’t usually last that long. It’s in different different fingers too. It’s usually my thumb, but today it’s my little finger and ring finger.

Apple, grapes and cereal

No lunch.


When I came back from the pool I was a bit hungry so had some soup. with a 3 slices of bread and a custard tart.


Raw carrot slices and 2 slices of bread, one slice had jam, think that could count as a fruit portion? lol


I promised my dear friend LL I would write this how to guide.

I have to say though, I’m not sure it’s going to help.

I applied for the blue badge while awaiting a decision about DLA. The form comes from the council not the DWP. The 1st question is  are you blind or on DLA higher level mobility. If you are, you are automatically entitled to a blue badge.

Then it asks you about your mobility and whether you need a walking aid and what type. I said that I could walk without an aid, but not very far.

Then they ask you if you can use public transport. I said no.

They ask for the main reasons that you believe you need a blue badge. I said that I find it difficult to walk any short distances without flaring up. I also said my doctor suggested I get it so I can leave the house more as I was depressed.

They then ask what is your medical diagnosis, how long have you had your disability and is it terminal.

They also want details of your medication and the name and address of your doctor.

I sent mine off and about 3 weeks later, they sent me a letter saying that I was going to have to see their medical person to see if I’m eligible, and that the waiting time to see him is about 3 months.

A week after that, I got my decision from DLA and I was awarded higher rate mobility.  I rang the council to let them know, and they told me to send in proof and a cheque.

It still took about three weeks to come though as there was a back log.

Not sure if that was any help at all. Good luck!! xx